Join Us for October People Network Calls

Mark your calendars for these upcoming People Network virtual meetings. (For handy calendar entries, try the CaRCC Events Calendar.)

Data-Facing Track (first Tuesdays)

Tuesday, October 6, 1p ET/ 12p CT/ 11a MT/ 10a PT

The Power of Electronic Lab Notebooks

Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELNs) are a digital tool to help address the increasing concerns around data. Researchers are concerned about reproducibility and granting agencies are concerned about data management and availability. Labs are also collaborating with people around the world. Paper just doesn’t cut it anymore. With ELNs, researchers can capture notes about their experiments and attach the generated data files directly to them. Then, they can give their collaborators access to the data by sharing the notebook with them. Plus, many notebooks allow for metadata generation and have advanced search capabilities, something that paper notebooks cannot do.

Join us to hear about the general concept of ELNs, some of the popular products on the market today, what supporting them looks like, and a bit about how to obtain one for your university.

Researcher-Facing Track (second Thursdays)

Thursday, October 8, 1p ET/ 12p CT/ 11a MT/ 10a PT

Writing More Equitable Job Postings

Based on their recent publication, Making Job Postings More Equitable: Evidence Based Recommendations from an Analysis of Data Professionals Job Postings Between 2013-2018, Amy and Joanna will discuss their research project wherein they analyzed 180 data professional job positions, including education, experiences, and skills, to better understand the evolving and complex landscape of data professionals and to provide evidence based recommendations regarding how the profession can enact meaningful and lasting change in the areas of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. They will also facilitate a discussion about how to apply these practices to the cyberinfrastructure community. 

Emerging Centers Track (third Wednesdays)

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 12p ET/ 11a CT/ 10a MT/ 9am PT

Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation (CASC) – What is it and how can membership advance the development of your HPC Center? Facilitated by a Member of CASC leadership

CASC is dedicated to advocating the use of the most advanced computing technology to accelerate scientific discovery for national competitiveness, global security, and economic success, as well as develop a diverse and well-prepared 21st century workforce.  We will discuss how CASC fits into the Research Computing and Data ecosystem and identify gaps that CASC can fill specifically for emerging centers.

Systems-Facing Track (third Thursdays)

Thursday, October 15, 1p ET/ 12p CT/ 11a MT/ 10a PT

Basic Cloud Bursting with Azure & VMWare, discussion facilitated by Michael Blackmon, Davidson College

We will present the basics of cloud-bursting in a mixed environment.  Topics to be covered: VSphere & Azure VM deployment/startup via SLURM, network configuration, and effective use of node weights.

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