Ecosystem Workshop

The Ecosystem group began in the fall of 2018 as the Ecosystem Workshop Planning working group.   Following the April 2019 Ecosystem workshop,  presenting a panel at PEARC19, and presenting a paper at PEARC20,  the working group has renamed to “Ecosystem” group and transitioned to an interested group to include all interested workshop participants and others to develop plans for future work. This includes continued work on the development of a visualization of, and a clearinghouse description of, the research computing and data ecosystem.  If you are interested in co-leading or contributing to this working group please write to


Fall 2018  Ecosystem Workshop Planning working group description: 

CaRCC-ecosystem-workshop-planning – “Planning a workshop to bring communities together to map out and define the ecosystem of research computing and data”: The aim of this “working group” is to plan the logistics, agenda, and outcomes from a workshop that brings various research computing communities together– including CaRCC, Campus Champions, CI Engineers, CASC, among others– to better understand the vision and plans of the different communities, their synergies and overlaps, and to foster better communication, collaboration, and coordination. The intent is to help socialize and ultimately sustain the larger CI and research computing and data ecosystem.

Ecosystem   co-chairs: Dana Brunson and Jim Wilgenbusch

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