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Building Community: the People Network:

The People Network aims to foster, build and grow an inclusive community (termed the “People Network”) for campus professionals who support research computing and data resources and the researchers who use them. The Network includes synchronous and asynchronous opportunities to leverage collective and individual expertise, with focused discussion “tracks” reflective of professional activities (following the facings model). As of late 2021, the People Network includes more than 1100 members.

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Tracks within the People Network: Like an ongoing virtual conference, the People Network includes opportunities for focused discussion in the form of tracks, each with their own email list and monthly community calls. Though we envision opportunities for even more tracks, the People Network has started with launching tracks aligned with CaRCC-facilitated work on the “Research Computing and Data Professionals Job Elements and Career Guide” by which professional activities in research CI have been organized into the following:

  • Researcher-facing: Outreach, education/training, consulting/facilitation, leading collaborations, etc. (Launched Spring 2018)
  • Systems-facing: Systems planning, engineering, security, optimization, middleware, virtualization, and cloud, among other topics. (Launched Jan 2019)
  • Data-facing: Data management, publishing/sharing, data science, data visualization, data workflows, data transfer and networks, among other topics. (Launched June 2019)
  • Emerging Centers: Support for smaller or developing research computing and data centers. (Launched September 2019)
  • Software-facing: Software development, portability, installation, optimization, support, etc. For those interested in this community, we recommend that you check out the US Research Software Engineers Association (US-RSE).
  • Strategy and Policy-facing: Project and personnel management, service evaluation, funding/finance, and running a research computing and data team, among other topics. January 2019: This facing is on hold and likely to develop in collaboration with CASC (Coalition for Academic Scientific Computation).

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Current co-chairs:

    • Lauren Michael, UW-Madison
    • Bob Freeman, Harvard Business School

Former co-chair:

    • Dana Brunson, Internet2

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