The Engagement group formed in 2019 with big aims:

  • Increase the visibility of CaRCC as a professional organization and its community-driven activities, and the opportunities for individual and institutional participation
  • Identify organizations and institutions that are absent or are underrepresented, perform outreach, and encourage their participation in CaRCC
  • Develop and prioritize short- and long-term activities to encourage and promote participation in CaRCC-related activities
  • Coordinate with other working groups to accomplish high-priority and easily-completed objectives

Originally a working group, Engagement transitioned to an Operational Group in February 2021, as these enumerated goals are ongoing and foundational to CaRCC’s mission.

How to get involved

The Working Group has calls the 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 1 PM ET. If you have suggestions, want to contribute, or wish to help the group engage other research computing and data professionals or organizations, please contact co-Chairs Bob Freeman (Harvard Business School) and/or Claire Mizumoto (UC San Diego).

Engagement Operations Group members/contributors:
Cyd Burrows
Tom Cheatham
Sean Cleveland
Bob Freeman
Brian Haymore
Julie Ma
Claire Mizumoto
Tracy Smith

Past members/contributors:
Dana Brunson
Lauren Michael
Alan Silver