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Systems- Facing Track

The Systems-Facing Track of the People Network will focus on aspects relevant to the execution of research computing and data systems. We connect every month with calls to discuss various topics. If you would like to get involved, fill out our membership form below for more information.


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Upcoming Calls

November 11, 2021, 1 pm ET
Topic: Network Troubleshooting: Techniques and Approaches

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Topics Include

Architecture, Storage Systems, Networking, Cluster Management and Configuration, Accelerators, Security, and User Environment.


We connect via monthly calls, on slack, and an email list. Contact the Track Coordinators via email, here.

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Fill out our membership form to let us know who you are and what you’re interested in. We’ll add you to the email list. Visit the People Network Page to join other tracks.

Monthly Calls

Monthly calls are on the third Thursday of the month, 1pm ET.  Connection information and links to any materials are distributed via email.

Systems-Facing Resources

Here is the link to the CaRCC Systems- Facing Track Google Drive folder, which includes a sub folder for each month’s call with a document for meeting notes as well as the Zoom recording files.

Here is the link to the CaRCC Systems-Facing Track YouTube playlist of past calls if you are interested in watching the calls.

Previous Call Topics

May 2021- Clusters in the Sky: How Canada is Building Beyond Iaas Cloud with Magic Castle

April 2021- Experiences and Advice for Large and Small Data Centers- Cooling

March 2021- Enabling Science Collaborations with Secure and Flexible Service Deployment

February 2021- Geddes Composable Platform- Purdue’s Kubernetes,- Based Private Cloud Solution

January 2021- HPC Cluster Operating Systems Options

October 2020- Basic Cloud Bursting with Azure & VMWare

September 2020- Overview of HPC File Systems and One Site’s Experience

August 2020- Multi-Track Call: Service Models for Researcher-Purchased Computing and Data

July 2020- OURRstore: Big Data on a Small Budget, Discussion Facilitated by Henry Neeman, Patrick Calhoun

June 2020- An Intro to Metrics Collection with Prometheus and Visualization with Grafana at the Colorado School of Mines

May 2020- Multi-Track: Student Workers

April 2020- Direct to the Chip Warm Water Cooling HPC Systems at OSC

March 2020- Visualize and Analyze Your Network Activities Using OSU INAM

February 2020- UC San Diego Health’s Approach to Meeting HIPAA Compliance in AWS

January 2020- HIPAA-Alligned Data and Public Cloud Platforms

December 2019- Cornell’s Data Finder Tool

October 2019- HTCondor’s Philosophy of High-Throughput Computing

September 2019- Providing a Unified Software Environment for Canada’s National Advanced Computing Centers

August 2019- Storage and Data Management for a Mid-Scale Research Data Set

July 2019- Racktables for Graphical HPC Cluster Management

June 2019- Open Discussion

May 2019- Globus Installation and Configuration

April 2019- Charliecloud Unprivileged Containers for User-Defined Software Tracks

March 2019- Ceph as a Campus Storage Solution (block and objects)

Track Leadership

Brian Haymore: Track Co-Coordinator, University of Utah

Betsy Hillery: Track Co-Coordinator, Purdue University

Sai Pinnepalli: Steering Committee, Louisiana State University

Jim Leous: Steering Committee, Penn State

John Blaas: Steering Committee, National Center for Atmospheric Research

Jason Wells: Steering Committee, Bentley University

Systems-Facing Wall of Thanks

(Former Track Leadership)

Alan Silver

IT Professional, UW-Madison, Track Co-Coordinator

Troy Baer

Senior HPC Systems Engineer, Ohio Supercomputer Center, Track Co-Coordinator